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and all leads. gabe gutierrez is with us from kaufman county texas, tonight. gabe, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. according to a search warrant released this afternoon, police are looking at several things including -- and they say that the d.a. and his wife were shot multiple times. they are now subpoenaing cell phone records looking for clues. so far there is no evidence to definitively link any of the murders. today under the watchful eye of armed guards employees reported for work. >> definitely concerned. >> reporter: that concern comes as a manhunt is under way for a killer. district attorney mike mclelland and his wife cynthia were found shot to death in their home saturday in what local officials call a brazen, targeted attack. federal authorities tell nbc news they are analyzing two .22 caliber shell casings found in the house. >> we are very much on alert. we have folks out to do harm to elected officials. so we take it very seriously. >> reporter: two months ago the county's assistant d.a. was gunned down outside the courthouse. at the time mclelland
reports of a new sinkhole that threatens a home or an entire neighborhood. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on what seems like a sinkhole epidemic. >> reporter: they seem to be everywhere. a neighborhood in ohio. a road in kentucky. a beach in new jersey. >> and then all the sand just came right down and just sucked me in. i mean, i couldn't move. >> reporter: earlier this year in florida a sinkhole swallowed a man in his bedroom. this is new video showing the damage. since then we've heard similar horror stories. a golfer barely survives when the course opened up beneath him in illinois. more than 300 people in louisiana evacuated after the earth crumbled there. so are there more sinkholes or just more headlines about them? >> it may be that you're having a rash of sinkholes in florida in particular as a result of the drought that's been going on. >> reporter: the state's unique limestone bedrock is prone to collapse due to a shift in deep underground rivers. either too much rainfall can help dissolve more of the limestone and create some of the pockets that allow for sinkholes, but too li
report from nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> it's coming toward us. >> reporter: a massive tornado barrelled across mississippi this afternoon, killing at least one person and injuring several others. dozens of homes and businesses in kemper county destroyed. preliminary reports say the tornado was on the ground for 56 miles. >> on radar we saw extremely violent signature with this. we saw tornado debris signatures with this. we have seen video of the big wedge or big cone-shaped tornado. >> we have seen houses split in half. >> reporter: at daybreak in missouri and arkansas today, the first look at damage caused by tornadoes and high winds. trees tossed like matchsticks. sonny martin's family barely made it out alive. >> i basically told her to run and get the baby. >> reporter: gusts up to 100 miles per hour reported in some areas in northern arkansas. >> it's breathtaking what a storm like this can do. these are pieces of people's lives that are just scattered across the area. >> reporter: tractor-trailers flipped over along highway 65. >> i just started spinning out of control for a long
and tornadoes have left a lot of destruction behind. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the report from mississippi tonight. >> holy -- >> reporter: an up-close look at a violent twister near prairie point, mississippi. >> look at the house. holy mackerel. >> reporter: the man who shot the video says he watched his friend's house disappear. fortunately no one was home. >> the folks that are here that have lost everything that they have, it can't get much worse for them. >> reporter: the storms that killed one person and injured five in mississippi thursday were part of a massive system that stretched from canada to the gulf of mexico. >> we have been tracking the storm complex for four days across the plains and the southeast. the tornadoes that touched down here in mississippi, they have done significant damage and the wind speeds would have to be at least 120 miles per hour to do this kind of damage. >> reporter: irvin hill was sleeping in his mobile home when a tornado lifted and tossed the structure. >> everything went up together. it went up in the sky. next thing i knew i landed out there up
toll remains at 14 with more than 200 people injured. nbc's gabe gutierrez now the latest in the town of west, texas, tonight. >> reporter: today in west, texas, the agonizing drive home. three days after the explosion that changed everything. this afternoon, police allowed some residents to return to the blast area. >> i don't know i got a house there. i don't know what house it's going to be, what kind of shape it's in. >> reporter: with 80 homes damaged or destroyed, the president has declared a state of emergency. >> and i want them to know that they are not forgotten. >> reporter: the death toll includes five firefighters and four emergency medics. >> it's pretty bad. we've got a lot of firemen down. >> reporter: off-duty firefighter kenny harris saw the initial flames and rushed to help the volunteer fire department. >> he was my best friend. we -- we did everything together. >> reporter: 96-year-old adolph lander had been inside a heavily damaged nursing home. he survived the explosion, but then his heart gave out. >> my dad died when i was 3 months old, so he was the father fi
responders. gabe gutierrez reports from west, texas. >> reporter: new video of the damage in west, texas, after a fertilizer facility exploded in a blinding fireball. for the first time we see an apartment complex ripped open. chunks of concrete tossed hundreds of yards. a school heavily damaged and this nursing home shattered. investigators said they found the origin of the explosion but it won't say where or what triggered it and they still aren't sure what caused wednesday's initial fire. >> we know there was an initial fire and then an explosion. we do not have a time line. >> reporter: local authorities say everyone is accounted for and they don't expect to find any more bodies. 14 people were killed including buck uptmor. >> we're just such a close family. it's such a big hole. there's such a big hole in it now. >> reporter: more residents were allowed back into their homes but the area closest to the plant is still off limits. >> my daughter's house is caved in but we at least would like to get in and start cleaning up and salvaging what can be salvaged. >> we're going to have to
, texas. our nbc news, gabe gutierrez on the ground there. gabe, you just got to the scene. tell us about what you're seeing and hearing. >> reporter: we're at a media staging area right off i-35. you mentioned near waco and west. this is a town that's devastated. more than 100 injuries. that's according to the texas department of public safety. other estimates put that number at much more, as we've been reporting. there are confirmed fatalities. we don't know how many yet. hundreds of emergency personnel responded. the town volunteer firefighters responded to a call at the fertilizer plant. and the town mayor was among those who responded. he was calling to evacuate the area around the plant. the blast followed about 15 minutes later or so. the mayor says five or six volunteer firefighters were at the plant fire when the explosion happened. not all of them have been accounted for. he said. now, a search for survivors has continued throughout the night, as emergency workers have gone hon-to-house. several dozen people were rushed to hospitals in waco. others flown to hospitals in dallas.
home today, but the area closest to the plant is still off-limits. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: new video of the damage in west, texas, after a fertilizer facility exploded in a blinding fireball. for the first time we see an apartment complex ripped open. chunks of concrete tossed hundreds of yards. a school heavily damaged, and this nursing home shattered. today investigators said they found the origin of the explosion but won't say where or what triggered it, and they still aren't sure what caused wednesday's initial fire. >> we know that there was an initial fire and then an explosion. we do not have a time line. >> reporter: local authorities say everyone is accounted for, and they don't expect to find any more bodies. 14 people were killed, including buck utmore. >> i mean, we are such a close family. it is just such a big hole. just such a big hole in it now. >> just move forward and get in line. >> reporter: today police check points more residents were allowed back into their homes but the area closest to the plant is still off-limits. >> my daughter's hou
their town would never be the same. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, west, texas. >> that's a long road ahead for them, indeed. >>> in health news a new report from "the journal pediatrics" warns people to say just say no challenge. have you heard of the cinnamon challenge? it's the risky trend that went viral last year and dared teens to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without water in 60 seconds or less. now doctors warn long-term damage could include threat irritation, lung inflammation, asthma attacks and at least 30 teens needed medical care last week including one michigan teen hospitalized for a collapse lung. heed that warning. now we want to get back to bill karins for another look at the forecast today. bill? >> well, betty, the flooding in the midwest is the big story but it's not the only weather story. can you believe it's snowing once again? all white, all snow moving across south dakota. haven't he had enough? minor travel concerns, only a couple inches expected and south florida, warm, humid, completely different than the snow in south dakota and will be that way this afternoon
. we begin tonight with nbc's gabe gutierrez in kaufman county, texas. gabe, good evening. >> reporter: peter, good evening. today the local sheriff here said that he will increase security at the county courthouse, this as local police and the fbi try and figure out whsomeone would kill yet another public official. a chilling crime, now a murder mystery. >> unnerving to the law enforcement community. it is unnerving to the community at large. >> reporter: on saturday, police found the bodies of kaufman county d.a. mike mcclelland and his wife cynthia after a friend or relative couldn't reach them. sources tell local nbc station kxas an assault rifle was used to kill the mcclellands. authorities say today security will be tightened. >> there will be v
when answering his door. >> gabe gutierrez in kaufman county, texas, tonight. thank you very much. >>> around the world and the country today, christians celebrated this easter with prayer and pageantry. republican it was . >> reporter: it was a festive holiday pilgrimage. the first family like more than 150 million americans today at easter sunday services. on the jersey shore still slowly recovering from hurricane sandy teenagers celebrated at a sun rise service on the boardwalk. thousands more attended services on top of georgia's famous stone mountain. and on florida's cocoa beach. the faithful also came together overseas, including the middle east, from baghdad, to bethlehem. u.s. soldiers welcomed the dawn at a camp outside kuwait city. back in this country it wouldn't be easter in new york without all those fancy bonnets. >> my favorite part about coming down here is celebrating spring and seeing all the bright colors. >> reporter: they've been showing them off on 5th avenue for more than 130 years. there were also cameo appearances by -- you know who -- on skates. and on t
news correspondent gabe gutierrez. gabs, thanks for being here tonight. >> reporter: good to be here, al. >> do authorities think there could be a connection with the texas aryan brotherhood? what are they saying? >> reporter: sources tell nbc right now that there is no clear suspect but they are investigating several theories at this point and our sources are downplaying but not dismissing the connection with the aryan brotherhood of texas. it could be the work of the cartel. investigators are now focusing on and closely looking at local cases that the d.a.'s office may have prosecuted and they are looking into whether this may have been the work of a lone wolf, possibly with a grudge. again, authorities are saying very little publicly about the case and the aryan brotherhood of texas did get some attention earlier in the week but, again, authorities so far have found no direct link to the aryan brotherhood of texas. >> gabe, why did they even go down that lane in the first place? why would the aryan brotherhood even be suspected to possibly be involved? tell us why. >> reporter: th
different and tighter security. nbc's gabe gutierrez is live for must kauffman with more. gabe, explain the security precautions that we are now seeing in place, obviously ramped up a little bit more than we were two months ago but how much tighter are they? >> reporter: well, thomas, good morning. officials are being very cautious in saying exactly what security measures they are taking. this morning, we saw a very visible police presence here at the kaufman county courthouse as workers came into the courthouse, they were escorted by police officers and other officials. and there seemed to be a very tense mood here. now the district attorney's office is closed to the public, even though the rest of the building is open. local officials contacted the governor's office, or plan to today, to ask the governor to pint a new district attorney, which he must do under state law. this shut 13th u.s. prosecutor to be murdered in the u.s. since the national association of district attorneys started keeping track back in the 1960s. as for the investigation, that is the big question now. local offi
, are starting to return to their homes. gabe gutierrez is live there this morning with the latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: jenna, good morning. local authorities say right now, everyone is accounted for and they don't expect to find any more bodies. >> don't know what to think. it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: this weekend, authorities are allowing some west, texas, residents to return home for the first time. since the explosion that flattened part of the town on wednesday. >> i'm like, whoo-hoo, i get to go home. yea. and then it's like, what am i going to go home to? >> reporter: a filing with the state health department showed the fertilizer facility that blew up had 270 tons of ammonium nitrate. no additional chemical information is required by texas. but federal officials are looking into whether that amount should have raised red flags, and already some lawmakers are asking whether chemical storage regulations should be strengthened. the death toll stands at 14, including five firefighters and four medics. off-duty dallas fire captain kenny harris saw the initial flames
. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez is live for us in kaufman, texas. as you can manning, so stirring to watch the words of the district attorney there, knowing that he and his wife were ground down in their home even though he was warning people to be on alert. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. many people here in kaufman county can't believe it. as you mentioned, security has been stepped up here at the kaufman county courthouse throughout the morning. we've seen armed guards escort some of the county employees into the building. now, the d.a.'s office is also closed to the public. governor perry spoke out today. local officials have asked him to replace the d.a., which he must do under state law and he says he will do that as soon as possible. this is the 13th u.s. prosecutor that has been killed since the national association of district attorneys began keeping count back in the 1960s. the big questions now are about the investigation. authorities here are still very tight-lipped. not releasing hardly any information about it. all we know is that mike mclelland and his wife cynthia were fou
county is nbc news correspondent gabe gutierrez. what is the news today on this terrible case? >> well, hi, chris. well, this afternoon, there's been several developments today. we also saw some stepped up security here at the courthouse. employees that work here at the courthouse were escorted by armed guards inside as they came to work. the d.a.'s office was closed to the public today. this afternoon, we heard from federal law enforcement officials that agents are analyzing these two .33 caliber shell casings found at the scene on saturday. right now, authorities are being very tight-lipped about the investigation and law enforcement officials tell us that's because they have very little to go on at this point. there's a lot of speculation going around. like you mentioned, this could potentially be linked to a white supremacist group. frankly, besides some evidence that is loosely tied together, law enforcement officials haven't confirmed that. they're not ruling out anything. it could be a white supremacist group, a drug cartel, a copycat, or a lone wolf with a grudge against this p
hit with vicious storms. gabe gutierrez is in huntsville, alabama. >> reporter: crews worked through the night to clean up debris. home and businesses were damaged here in alabama but most of the power has been restored. this after a strong line of storms tore through the south. there twister caught on capra in mississippi, in kemper county near the alabama border. one person died after a strong wind toppled the building. at least five people were hurt. here in alabama, it left people without power. as the system moved east, it created problems outside atlanta, dumping hail and damaging homes. >> the roof of the building wrapped around trees like it is nothing, like it's paper. >> i'm lucky. i'm sure there are folks who cannot go back to their home. >> reporter: the severe weather threat continued to parts of the east coast including the carolinas and northern florida. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, huntsville, alabama. >> joining me now with more weather channel kelly cass. i see a lot happening behind you. where are you keeping your eye? >> thank goodness the severe weather threat is gr
's gabe gutierrez flew round trip from the nation's busiest airport. >> no delays round trip from atlanta to miami. both flights arrived on time. >> reporter: nbc's diana alvear had no problems flying round trip l.a. to las vegas. >> just landed at los angeles. >> reporter: on my return flight to d.c., a slow down. so the captain just told us we are number 30 for departures and the delays he blames on the sequester. >> we'll keep you posted. thanks for your patience. >> reporter: flight 2173 landed in washington an hour late. the senate is working on emergency legislation tonight that would essentially put furloughed air traffic controllers back in the towers. we are told the white house may support the legislation. one incentive is the senate would really like to get out of town tomorrow to start their week-long recess. brian. >> tom costello after a day of pretzels in the air. tom, thanks for your trouble. what a mess. >>> we are back in a moment with a beautiful tribute sending a powerful message. >>> a wild night in mobile last night as explosions and fires tore through two barges, se
hospital. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez in west, texas for us earlier this morning. earlier we spoke to derek hurt. he's the guy who reported the dramatic moment of the explosion. on the tape you can hear the panic in his daughter's voice as she screams, i can't hear, i can't hear. so i began by asking derek how everyone is doing this morning? >> good. her inner ear is a little sore, but other than that, we do have our full hearing back. >> you were driving in the area, you saw the flames initially. during they were coming from that fertilizer plant? or did you think they were coming from something else? >> we thought maybe it was the high school. we drove over to check it out and saw that it was the fertilizer plant burning. we were going to shoot a little video of it and get out of there. we just didn't make it out in time. >> can you give me an idea how close you were to the building at the time it exploded? sometimes it's hard to tell when you're looking through the lens of a camera? a couple hundred yards? a half mile? what would you estimate? >> probably 200, 250, 300 yards. >>
're white supremacy groups or whether they're the drug cartels. >> joining me from kauffman, texas is gabe gutierrez. let's talk more about what the governor had to say there, the possibility of this being linked to something larger, like the cartel or other leads to white supremacy groups in the area. >> good morning. there a lot of theories floating around out there. we heard the local sheriff is planning a news conference for this afternoon, his first since sunday. we've seen county employees streaming into the courthouse all morning. no word yet if the interim d.a., brandy fernandez, has reported for work. this all comes as public employees throughout the state of texas including houston and dallas are on high alert. the investigation into the death of mike mclelland and his wife is staying very quiet. they're analyzing shell casings at the scene and looking at cell phone records. although they have not officially linked the murders, there are several theories floating around out there, specifically and most significantly the aryan brotherhood of texas. the group has been involved in m
the explosion itself. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us live from west, texas. the chilling 911 calls absolutely send chills through anyone who can hear them but this investigation is still going on. >> reporter: that's right, attem tamron. today many residents went through police checkpoints like the ones behind me trying to get back into their homes and the one school that escaped any damage from last week's explosion reopened today and displaced students went to class. many in temporary classroom. all this as i mentioned,le questions linger about how and why this happened. new images obtained by nbc news inside the nursing home. torn up by last week's explosion. >> it was just black smoke, windows all blown out. i thought, my god, what has happened? >> reporter: the administrator wants the world to know of the heroic efforts by the employees and first responders who rushed to pull 130 elderly residents from the rubble. >> has it sunk in yet? >> no. not really. >> reporter: you can hear the panic in the 911 calls. >> look, our house, our whole windows, everything, it sounded like a bomb on 35.
connected to the murder of his top assistant recently? gabe gutierrez is in kaufman, texas this morning. gabe, good morning to you. there is stepped up security today here at the courthouse. the entire community is on high alert. today, local police and the fbi are frantically trying to solve a murder mystery. >> unnerving to the law enforcement community. >> reporter: on saturday, police found the bodies of kaufman county d.a. mike mclel land and his wife cynthia. mclelland shot multiple times and his wife shot once. >> they were deeply, deeply in love and so attached to each other. >> reporter: the murders are two months after the county's assistant prosecutor was gunned down on his way to work at the courthouse. authorities are looking for a link between the crime. right after the shooting in january, mcleelland spoke directly to the killer. >> i hope the people who did this are watching we are confident we will find you. >> investigators had been looking in to whether the assistant d.a.'s murder was connected to the killing of tom clements. a suspect in that case killed in a police
before his death. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in kaufman, texas. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. the murder of another prosecutor two months employees at the courthouse, and so, the d.a. apparently wanted to help. surveillance video shows kaufman county d.a. mike mclelland at a gun store last friday, hours before his death. shop owner o'neil kidwell says mclelland was looking at weapons, not for himself, but to recommend to his staff who felt threatened. >> and they were all concerned, so he was concerned for them. he had no concern for himself. >> reporter: today, mclelland and his wife cynthia will be laid to rest. >> the world will never, ever be the same without them. cynthia, my sister, i'll see you on the other side. >> reporter: at a public memorial thursday, friends and family honored the couple, their last moments spent together. >> they loved each other. and there was no other way they would have wanted to go. >> reporter: outside the service, heavy security. kaufman county on edge since the mclellands were killed last week, and chief prosecutor mark hass
of one generous man. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: in the theme park capital of the world, hospitality means big business. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> reporter: but to harris rosen, it means much more. >> thank you. >> hospitality really is appreciating a fellow human being. >> reporter: he grew up in the slums of new york, a family of immigrants. now he runs seven hotels in orlando, his self-made success would be remarkable on its own but that's not what he's most proud of. >> came to the realization that i really had to now say thank you. >> reporter: away from the theme parks there's a neighborhood in orlando called tangelo park and 20 years ago it was in need of some hospitality. >> drug infested, people afraid to walk out, walk through the neighborhood. i was ready to move out. >> reporter: but georgia gordon didn't move out, because harris rosen first decided to pay for day care for parents in tangelo park, a community of about 3,000 people. when the kids were older he offered free tuition to state colleges. gordon's daughter took advantage. >> it's one t
're hearing from one of the people questioned by police. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest from kaufman, texas. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. it's part of a wide ranging investigation that has so far seen theories of a white supremacist gang and drug cartels. authorities are aggressively looking into local cases the d.a.'s office had prosecuted. today, kaufman county is still on edge. >> our office is frightened and scared of what's going on. >> reporter: now we're learning that investigators are scrutinizing anyone who may have held a grudge against d.a. mike mclelland. he and his wife were found shot to death saturday, two months after his chief prosecutor was assassinated. among these questioned is eric williams a former justice of the peace, he lost his job last year when he was convicted of taking three computer monitors from a county building. >> did a gun residue test, i gave them my cell phones so they could take all the information they wanted. >> reporter: he's appealing his conviction but denies making any threats and says he holds no grudges. >> my
gutierrez is on the scene with the latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. more residents are expected to head back in their homes today through police check points like this one, as investigators search for clues at the blast epicenter, questions linger about how and why this happened. this morning, new images obtained by nbc news inside the nursing home, torn apart by last week's massive explosion. >> it was just black smoke, it was windows blown out. i think, my god, what has happened? >> reporter: administrator rose anne morris wants the world to know of the heroic efforts by employees, volunteers and first responders who rushed to pull 130 elderly residents from the rubble. has it sunk in yet? >> no. not really. >> you can hear the panic in the 911 calls. >> our whole house, windows, everything it sounded like a bomb and i'm looking outside and there's like a bomb on 35, i don't know what is going on. >> investigators say they found the origin of the explosion but won't say where it is and they still aren't sure what caused wednesday's initial fire. >> we do
gutierrez with the latest from georgia. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: tamron, this morning, all the firefighters taken hostage have been treated and released from the hospital. the gunman had financial issues. but today they're investigating exactly what led to this four-hour standoff. >> we're in a situation where we have an armed person. >> the radio call was dramatic. five firefighters responding to what seemed to be a routine medical emergency. suddenly the rescuers were the ones who needed rescuing. >> he is armed and we are in the room with him. >> a gunman taking hostages and making demands. >> these demands were to have his power turned back on. apparently going through financial problems. >> reporter: the four others waited inside, a tense standoff while the police hostage negotiator tried to calm the situation. then, suddenly, an explosion followed by the sound of gunfire. >> got to a point where we believe that their lives are in danger. >> a police s.w.a.t. team using a grenade to distract the gunman stormed in, it was over in seconds. the gunman dead, all the hostag
the storms turned deadly on thursday. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in south huntsville, alabama with the latest. >> reporter: the severe storms left thousands without power and damaged building throughout the south. today residents are clearing out. a monster twister caught on tape. >> it's coming toward us. >> reporter: one of three to hit the south. part of a storm system ta cut a path of destruction from texas to the carolinas. at least one person was killed in mississippi and several more seriously hurt. high winds left thousands without power here in huntsville, alabama. strong gusts also tore the roofs off of homes and took down a 100 foot tree in the house. fortunately the owners were in the basement. in kentucky the roof was ripped clean off of one home. hail was a hazard for drivers outside of atlanta and in northwest georgia heavy gusts battered homes and cars with debrie. >> the roof of the building wrapped around trees like it's nothing, like it's paper. >> reporter: a wooden beam shot through the roof of one man's home, three feet from where he's standing. still he says -- >> i'm l
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